Two weeks ago, we finally arrived on Bali. Before that, Matthias went for a short trip to Bangkok, while I was at a wedding in Germany. But thats another story… So even before that happened we have been to Singapore for a few days. And from what we can tell it is a very nice place to stay. After the pretty cold Seoul we were hit hard by the high temperatures and the humidity near to 100%. We arrived in the tropics. The good point of that is that the city is super green and there are nice gardens everywhere. Also the city is trying to even get greener in a lot of ways. So the public transport is relatively cheap and there are a lot of projects going on to prepare the way to a green future.

We only stayed a few days, but I think we saw the main tourist spots: Gardens by the Bay, Greenhouses at the Bay, Marina Bay Sands (with that famous – but very crowded – infinity pool), the island of Sentosa, the Botanical Garden and Orchid Garden (a post with only flowers will follow!). And also we got to some not so touristy spots: very good food at Hawker Centres, a local Barber shop to get our beards in shape. And finally thanks to Chris who told us to go for dinner to a place called Annalakshmi. They serve the best Indian food I ever had!

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